Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Surviving a heat wave in NYC with kids

So you booked a jaunt to New York with the kids during the school summer holidays, half expecting the weather to mimic London. Little bit of sun, some showers and if you’re lucky shorts and t-shirts weather for the duration of your stay. But you arrive and discover the city is in the midst of a heat wave, but don’t worry here are my top tips to help you have a great time without having to hang out in front of the hotel's air con!

What to bring 


I see so many kids in the city wearing their swimming shorts and rash vests, perfect if you see an impromptu water feature that must be jumped into. They are also light to carry around if you would prefer not to wear them all day and don’t worry if you have forgotten some there’s a GAP on every street!

Water Bottle

Tap into NYC’s fresh drinking water supply and refill at the drinking fountains, it saves you from carrying a full days supply of heavy drinks with you. I’m sure I don’t need to remind you to stay hydrated. 


You may think the tall buildings would protect you and offer some shade, but they wont. We always wear at least factor 50. 

Mozzy Spray

Although you are in the city, remember to spray to keep those bites at bay with some bug spray.

Where to go


The playgrounds in NYC are truly awesome and you never seem to be far away from one. Most of the playgrounds we stumbled across boast some sort of cooling water sprays or sprinklers, along side the fun swings and slides you would expect. 


Why not go for a swim? The city has some fantastic free outdoor public pools open daily during the summer, but beware they do get quite busy. Find out more here

Ice cream

Cool down with an ice cream from a New York ice-cream truck. They are awesome and have all sorts of flavours and toppings not at all like the vans back in the UK.


If you are looking for some shade but want to remain outdoors head to Central Park. Hundreds of trees to provide much needed shade and you also have the Zoo, which has exhibits both indoors and outdoors.  


There is plenty to enjoy when the heat of the day gets too much at one of the city’s air-conditioned museums or galleries and they are totally kid-friendly. Check out the American Museum of Natural History, Children’s Museum of Manhattan or the Whitney Museum of American Art


There are a few good cinemas right in the heart of Times Square and they don’t get too busy during the day. A great place to catch the latest blockbuster with the little ones before it comes out at home. 

Plan ahead 

Check the weather forecast. To us Brits 30 degrees sounds hot, but the forecast here comes in Fahrenheit which makes that a pretty nippy -1 degrees Celsius. 

However if an American tells you ‘its literally 100 degrees outside’, they might not be lying. That’s 37 in Celsius and I’ve almost seen the mercury reach that and I’m only half way though my first NYC summer. 

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