Wednesday, August 3, 2016

A Central Park hang with my dude

 I’m becoming very aware that my days of hanging out with my number one dude are becoming very limited as he starts Pre-K next month. So when the sun came back out after a couple of cloudy, drizzly days we got up early and headed for Central Park. 

The beautiful park spans more than 800 acres so we really only scratched the surface today, but it felt like a full day out, especially when you consider my date was a four year old!

Here are some of the highlights of what we did.

Rock it baby!

I'm King of the World!

The climb is half the fun.

One of the features that defines Central Park is the natural rock outcroppings that Olmsted and Vaux took advantage of back when they designed the park. The geology really adds to the natural feel of the landscape. 

Actually, the man-made wonder that is the Manhattan skyline is only possible because of the solid bedrock that lies beneath the city, perfect for the heavy structures to rest their foundations upon. It’s nice to remember this when having a play on the rocks in the park. 


Little oasis for kids in the heart of NYC.

Concentrating very hard on filling that water balloon.

Very proud of them!


There are hundreds of fabulous playgrounds in Manhattan managed by the NYC Parks Department and more than 20 of these are in Central Park. They tend to be conveniently located around the edges of the park near to the entrances. 

We love the Heckscher Playground as it’s really easy to find and close to a few other kid friendly areas of the park.  We really must check out more of the playgrounds as I’ve heard some great things about them.

Rugrats and Rat Rock!

 B really loves to climb Rat Rock, a natural rock formation that has its name because rats used to swarm there at night when Central Park was in one of its states of decline. Thankfully those days are long behind us and the area is glorious again! 

Central Park Zoo

We love calling into the Central Park Zoo if we have time when we are in the city or the park. The zoo is on the small side so its certainly not suitable for a full day out, for that you need to head to the Bronx Zoo, its amazing. 

Today we spent most of our time in the children’s area of the zoo. Its great and very hands on for the little ones, not to mention all the photo opportunities. But be warned it is rather tight for space especially on a day like today as we were joined by about five or six summer camps. 

Now he's King of the Turtles.

Feeding time.

Like I said.... lots of photo opps.

Checking out an exhibit. 

That's it, he's done!

Thanks for stopping by!

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