Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coney Island Baby!

My little guy always gets so excited when I suggest visiting Coney Island, he loves the rides, the treats, the sand and the sea! I love it too as its so easy to reach at the end of the F subway line.

Coney Island is the only beach we’ve found so far that comes close to resembling a British seaside resort. But even then, it’s a little more special.

Full of wonder, magic and curiosities and not to mention rickety old rides that kids love but the parents not so much.

We usually frequent the Kiddie Park in front of the Wonder Wheel. It has around 16 rides that are suitable for younger visitors. We generally buy a card and they stamp a hole in it each time you go on a ride (you can buy 10 or 20 rides at a time). You can use the same card for the entire season if you don’t use it all up the first time and want to come back.

We always have a spin on that famous Wonder Wheel that dominates the skyline at Coney Island as the small kids can handle it, even though we ask for a moving car.

The other fair ground, Luna Park has the more adventurous rides for the big kids, so we don’t spend much time in there.

Although you can access Coney Island all year round, the rides and attractions open roughly between Easter and Halloween. At the beginning and end of the season they only open at weekends but they open all week from Memorial Day until Labor Day.

We visited on a red-hot August afternoon. I was hoping for a bit of costal breeze, but in the amusement area there wasn’t any all. You can see from our photos that we are very hot and sweaty.

We’ve also visited very early in the season when it was very quiet and it felt a bit like England as we had sand blown on our food.

So you can’t get fish and chips with lashings of salt and vinegar, but you can get hot dogs from Nathans Famous. And its America so of course the ice-cream selection is pretty awesome.

The beach.

A great way to cool down on the beach if you don't fancy the sea.

I am Paul's daughter! 

Always busy... Nathans Famous.

The Kiddie Park.

Dragon Ride.

You can spin yourself really fast in these. B loves them.

Spin, spin!

He literally rang the bell all the way round.

Another ride where you can spin yourself.

So good we had to do it again.

Monster trucks.


These cars look slow, but they spin you really fast around the corner!

So much fun!

Another one we had to do again!

View from the top of the Wonder Wheel.

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