Friday, August 5, 2016

Imagination Station

B and I are on a mission to try out as many of NYC’s playgrounds as we can while summer is still here (and before my play date starts school, sob).  

When talking playgrounds with other parents the Imagination Playground in Manhattan’s South Street Seaport always comes up and despite visiting the area many times, we’ve never actually called in. So this morning we set out to right this wrong.

The playground and splash pad were designed by architect David Rockwell, who created the interactive play space that encourages children to, you guessed it; use their imaginations! 

To get the creative juices flowing the park has the signature blue foam building blocks, mats and wheelbarrows alongside water sprays and a giant sand box.  

There are literally endless possibilities of games to play once you get started.

In the middle of the park there is a station which is manned throughout the day by really helpful staff and it has some really clean rest rooms. 

The staff are particularly good at ensuring all kids get a shot at playing with the blue blocks. When we first arrived an older kid had taken over control of most of the pieces to build a fort. He wouldn’t let younger kids near unless they guessed his password. Upon becoming aware of the situation the staff tactfully helped the said child dismantle his fort and started a new game for ALL the children of to take part in (including the password master).

Later in the day all the kids were invited to take part in some water play where they made water runs out of the shapes and took turns receiving a splash! It was a red-hot day and B absolutely loved this. 

There are also a number of umbrellas near the splash pad, perfect for parents seeking a little bit of shade. But come early if you want one of the best spots, as it gets busy. 

Yes…. Yes darling, we can come back soon! 

More Info

You can find the Imagination Playground in the Financial District near South Street Seaport and close to the Wall Street and Fulton Street subway stations. Find out more from NYC Parks Department

The sandbox.

View of the splash pad and parents hang out under the umbrellas.

Testing the tubes!

Very busy making......something!

This one enjoyed the Imagination Playground.

Taking a rest at the end of a long session at the playground. 

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