Sunday, August 7, 2016

Sunday Scoot around Brooklyn Bridge Park

We love the weekends as we have Daddy to join us on our New York adventures!

For his birthday last month we got Adam a scooter. Scooters really are a great way to get about if you have a long walk on your commute, for exercise or just to keep up with the kids. 

I have seen all sorts of ride on contraptions for adults here in New York, I love that people are open-minded enough to give something new a try. I know in England we might have felt a bit silly with a scooter, but this is a new country so new rules!

As much as I love Manhattan, I find it better sometimes to take a step back and hangout in Brooklyn where it’s less crowded and a bit more chilled out. And Brooklyn Bridge Park really is the prefect place to spend a sunny August afternoon and take your scooter. It means you can soak up those panoramic views of the city without all the hustle.

The park spans over a mile of waterfront near the Brooklyn Bridge and boasts six piers, each offering something a little different. Whether you would prefer to do something sporty on Pier 2 or relax in Pier 3 you will always have access to those breath-taking views of lower Manhattan.  

If you are bringing kids there is plenty to them busy. Piers 1 and 5 both have great playgrounds, and there are swings at Pier 2. But Pier 6 is where it’s at. They’ve got Sandbox Village, a Water Lab, Slide Mountain, Swing Valley and a Marsh Garden. And yes they are all as awesome as they sound!

After all of the scooting though we spent most of our time in the Water Lab to cool down. As with all excellent free facilities in New York, it can get very busy so arrive as early as you can.  

Make sure you check out our photos below…

More Info

Parking is limited but Brooklyn Bridge Park has great transport links for the subway, buses and water taxis. 

You can find out more about Brooklyn Bridge Park on their website

Getting ready to go.

Scooting at Pier 6.

Showing Daddy how its done.

Look at me!

Temporary art installation by Martin Creed. Looks beautiful against the blue sky. 

The boys understand. 

A very nice lady waited for the installation to spin all the way round to get this family shot for us - thank you!

The Nantucket moored at Pier 6.

He scoots past. 

Now Daddy's turn.

He nearly got me!

Yep, that view is amazing. 

He was trying to reach the Word Trade Centre apparently.

Ice cream under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cooling off in the water lab.

Lots of fun in here.

Thats a wrap.

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