Wednesday, January 4, 2017

California Vibes

So when the hubby announced he had to visit Los Angeles for work, what sort of wife would I be if I didn’t offer to go along for moral support?!

As temperatures were beginning to drop across New York, we also thought it would be a great opportunity to soak up some winter sun before returning back to the Empire State for the holiday season.

The base for our stay was the lovely Fairmont Hotel in Santa Monica. The oceanfront hotel and bungalows were great as they are a stones throw from the Santa Monica Pier and they have a lovely heated pool. We also enjoyed cozying up around the poolside bar in the evenings.   

We hired a car directly from the airport and I’m so glad we did. LA is so vast, I’m not sure we would of covered half the ground we did relying on public transport and Ubers. 

The luxury of the car meant we could drive by the beautiful mansions in the hills and find the best lookout spots to take in views of the mountains and the famous Hollywood sign. 

We were also able to drive downtown whenever we fancied and explored some of the coastline. We drove up to Malibu as we heard the beaches were amazing and they had lots of rock pools to enjoy. Manhattan Beach was also a gem. 

We also spent some time exploring the Hollywood Walk of Fame which was fun.

No first-time trip to California is complete without a trip Disney Land or Universal Studios, we managed to squeeze in both and I loved them both so much I’ll do a separate post about them!

All the traveling around LA was amazing, but for me I really enjoyed Santa Monica the most. There was a lovely relaxed vibe, beautiful beaches, a nice shopping area and some great restaurants. My little guy also really loved the fairground on the pier. For around $17 he could go on the rides as much as he wanted all day. He was such a thrill seeker, he loved riding the rollercoaster!

I took thousands of photos during our break, but check out a selection of my personal faves below…..

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