Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Universal Studios Hollywood

Another highlight from our recent LA adventure was calling into Universal Studios Hollywood.

Other than the studio tour (which was awesome by the way) I really had no idea what to expect. 

Being huge Harry Potter fans we were instantly drawn to the Wizarding World. I was taken aback by the attention to detail  and scale of this area. The shops were so quaint and exactly how you would expect them to be. It was also fun to watch folks who had bought wands testing out their magic skills in the shop windows by controlling the displays. 

And I must admit we did enjoy some food from the Three Broomsticks Restaurant and a Butterbeer or two!

After years of watching the Simpsons, it was also fun to visit Springfield complete with Moes Tavern, Krusty Burger and the Kwick-E-Mart!

The big rides include Transformers 3D, Revenge of the Mummy and the Jurassic Park ride. A top tip if you arrive early is to purchase a front of line ticket. They only sell a certain number of these each day, so when things get really busy (and it will get busy) you can just hop to the front of the line. 

The little ones will love the Despicable Me ride and Fun Land! Our little guy also loved the ‘dinoplay’ which was basically a little play area build around some dinosaur bones. 

We also visited right in the middle of ‘Grinchmass’. They had a wonderful display and wonky christmas tree! In the middle of a crazy day out, my little guy actually really enjoyed sitting down for story time (and secretly I loved taking a seat for half an hour too!).

We finished our day by watching the Water World show. I'd seen pictures of this show in advance, so thought I knew what to expect. But really the pictures did not do it justice, the scale, the timing, the special effects.... all spectacular!   

If you are ever in California I’d totally recommend a visit to Universal Studios. 

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