Wednesday, February 22, 2017

10 Reasons raising kids in New York is the BEST

Whether you have chosen to raise your family in the city or in the countryside, raising kids in New York is something everyone seems to have an opinion about.

Personally we love it here, it works for our family so here is my list of why New York is the BEST place to raise your littles….

1 - Your backyard is one of the most iconic parks of all time 

Central Park, Prospect Park, Pelham Bay Park anyone?

2 - Museums and Culture 

Some kids get to visit great places like the American Museum of Natural History or MoMA once in their lifetime, NY kids get to drop in on rainy days, when its too hot outside, or just because.

3 - No need for a car (or *gasp* a mini-van)

Yey for the Subway, MTA buses, taxis, Uber, Lyft, pedicabs, citibikes, water taxis, ferries, commuter rail, intercity rail, choice of airports and the Rosevelt Island tramway.

4 - It takes a Village

Living so close to so many other families means you are never short of friends or playdates. And because you aren't hauled up in a car shuttling from A to B, you actually see your villagers and talk to them!

5 - Little foodies 

My kid is only five and his little tastebuds have already had the opportunity to sample food from every corner of the World right here in the city, and yes he also knows good pizza!

6 - The Zoos

This is one I wouldn’t have expected to feature on the list before actually moving here, but we’ve spent many a day up in the Bronx Zoo which is one of the largest in the World. We often pop into the Zoos in Central and Prospect Parks because we can.

7 - First-class doctors

Some of the best medical facilities in the World are on the doorstep in New York. Touch wood you will never need to use them, but as a mama I like to know they are there just in case we do.

8 - Diversity

I was brought up in one of the most bland towns in England where we didn’t get to meet anyone interesting, so it makes me very proud to see my son mixing with people from lots of different backgrounds everyday and taking it all in his stride.

9 - The city that never sleeps

So yes New York is a 24/7 city and okay the kids don't need something to do at every hour of the day, they do sleep sometimes! When they are awake there is always something new to feed their imagination; a street festival, a parade or even the New York Philharmonic in your backyard.

10 - You need a sofa bed 

Distant family and friends are not strangers because everyone will want to come visit and stay with you, because let's face it, it’s NYC baby!

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