Friday, February 3, 2017

Time to get my booty in gear!

Now that I’m a pregnant mama in New York, it’s about time to get my booty in gear and learn a little something about the baby products on offer over here in America.

A few years ago when my son was a baby, I don’t know what I would have done without Sudocrem (English mums know what I’m talking about), I had large tubs for the nursery and changing area, medium sized tubs for travel and holidays and little mini sized tubs in every changing bag. If you still haven’t sussed I’m talking about diaper (or nappy) rash cream!

When I found out was we were expecting baby number two I started browsing the baby departments every time I called in a shop. Diapers, check. Baby wipes, check. Sudocrem….. Nope!

I was starting to panic, what would I use instead! However I didn’t need to panic for long as it was Momtrends to the rescue with an invite to their #ButtPasteBooty event!

At the event I was introduced to Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, a fast acting paste that’s not only strong but safe on those delicate little baby butts too.

The paste is thick which makes a good barrier and the active ingredient is zinc oxide (just like my favourite cream from England).

The butt paste was created by a pharmacist and father of four in Louisiana after numerous requests from his customers for a diaper rash cream that actually worked! He created the formula himself and the rest is history. Even Brad Pitt is a fan!

I’m so pleased to have found a diaper rash solution that I’m now stocked up ready for the baby arrival in May.

The event took place at the wonderful Exhale Spa and as part of the fun we all joined in a booty workout.

The instructor was great, she got the whole group motivated but also took the time to help people individually. She was especially good at modifying some of the moves for me and my bump!

I couldn’t take part in the whole workout but I gave it all a mama could at six month pregnant. I would definitely like to go back for a class to help me get back in shape after baby arrives. It was certainly a reminder that us mamas need to make time to look after ourselves, I know I'm guilty of not doing so!

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  1. Strong, but safe...What powerful words! You can't beat a product that will work quickly, but gently on your baby!


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