Wednesday, March 29, 2017

It's a ...... GIRL

I went for my final scan today and wanted to share some news with y’all….. We are having a baby GIRL!

We’ve actually known for some time, but I wanted to hang fire on sharing the news until I had this scan as I was convinced I was having another boy!

When I was pregnant with my son I had a feeling right from the start that I was carrying a baby boy and when my scans confirmed it I was not surprised at all.

For starters boys run in both mine and my husbands families; we both only have brothers and most of our cousins are boys too. Our family and friends speculated that we would have a boy too and we convinced ourselves the 12 week scan printouts looked like a boy!

This pregnancy felt a little different at the start; I felt much more nauseous and much, much more tired than the first time around. I put that down to being nearly five years older! I still thought I was carrying another boy.  

So it came as a complete surprise to find out we are having a little girl this time. Of course all we really want is a healthy baby, regardless of gender. But I feel so blessed and we can’t wait for her arrival. As my husband, Adam, says: “One of each, that’s it we’re done!”

The first 'team pink' item I bought when we found out baby 2 was a girl! 

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