Thursday, October 26, 2017

Summer Reflections

It’s actually fall or autumn if you prefer, not that you would know it in New York, the mercury is bubbling as I sit and write this post drenched in September sunshine.

However clues that the seasons are about to change are scattered all around me; the leaves are ever so slightly tinged with orange, the sun is somewhat hazy now and Starbucks are selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

I can’t wait for a blast of fresh fall air because we haven’t left New York’s hot sweaty clutches all summer long.

At first I felt a little sad to be hanging around the city for so long as last summer was full adventure. Something new was on the agenda every day and nothing was off limits. It was our first summer in America after all.

Me and my then four year old went out and about during the week as far as those little legs could manage and then at weekends with daddy's help we explored even further. I shared as many adventures as I had time to write on the blog but as we were so busy not all of them made it.

Summer stateside officially kicks off on Memorial Day Weekend and this year that just happened to be the weekend we welcomed our second baby into the world, so it’s safe to say a second summer of exploration was officially off the table.

Not long after summer starts, the schools (and any childcare I had) were out, so this left me with a newborn, a five year old and 12 weeks to fill. I rather ambitiously (ok, stupidly) thought we would still explore the city and attend events only with slightly scaled back aspirations. But I quickly learned that New York's public transit had other ideas. This meant rather than starting out days with travel to a destination we started our days on foot, or scooter in my son’s case!

We almost always ended up at the Park.

Prospect Park, thank you, you saved summer. We spent endless hours exploring your leafy green expanses, discovering secret pathways hidden under the tree canopies and enjoying your many, many playgrounds.

In those playgrounds my big boy played and made countless friends while I watched on the sidelines with the other mamas. And with me I had my baby girl who I got to know in the park while I nursed her, changed her and rocked her in my arms until she napped.

There was lots of time for reflection and to really appreciate this rare moment in mine and my kids lives before the pace picks up again with the return of school, jobs and routine. I’m honoured to of had this time, to enjoy it and absorb it all up into my veins.

There was my son’s triumph for finally climbing to the top of the rope frame, every time he played so hard he grazed a knee and every time we brought back half the sandbox in our pockets and it fell out at home but we were to tired to care.

Every time the baby smiled coyly at new faces, discovered her tiny hands reaching for toys carefully hanging from the stroller hood and her glee at discovering she could blow gorgeous bubbly, drooly raspberries.

This summer I also learned that was that despite protesting my entire life that I don't drink coffee, I realised caffeine was essential to surviving with multiple children!

So although our adventures didn't take us geographically very far, we are lucky enough to have Prospect Park just at the end of our block, I actually had the biggest adventure of all this summer, I earned my stripes as a mama of two!

That was my summer, how was yours?

Prospect Park - Summer Saver!

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