Tuesday, January 23, 2018


One of the best things about getting married is sharing your family traditions with each other. Christmas for me growing up consisted of sheltering from the cold with bacon sandwiches and bucks fizz in front of a beautifully decorated real tree. For my husband however, his Christmases were usually spent in the Barbados sunshine! 

Our first few Christmases together I could not wrap my head around the idea of being somewhere warm over the holidays when so many associations to the season include snowflakes, icicles and wrapping up warm in front of the fire with a peppermint hot chocolate. All of which I love.

Then when our son arrived, my husband put his foot down and said we were spending the holidays in the caribbean. How could I argue? That was in 2012 and we’ve spent several Christmases there since. We couldn’t go to Barbados 2016 as I was pregnant and the risk of Zika was high, but in 2017 there was no excuses and we went to the island for a month.

We like to stay in a villa so that we can really get out and enjoy the island. But really for us this vacation was about relaxation. We spent lots of time by the beach and in the water. In the evenings we went for some amazing meals as a family.

Travelling with the baby was easy too, the supermarket sells all the baby products you find in America so I didn’t have to worry about running out of anything. It was also the first time we took her swimming and she was a natural. She had so much fun splashing and kicking her legs - bath time hasn’t been the same since we got home, she gets so excited!

Barbados is also a quick 4.5 hour flight from New York and the time difference is only an hour, so give me a good reason not to go for some winter sun?

I’ve shared some photos here so you can see what we got up to for the month. If you have any questions about an extended holiday in Barbados let me know!

We are pretty sure he had the best inflatable ever, it actually squirted water! 

She was a natural in the pool.

So happy in the water.

This boy was part fish by the time we left Barbados!

Amazing what you can find on the beach.

Quick dip in the ocean!

Me and my girl.

This was her first time in the ocean. 

We did lots of boat rides!

He's so brave!

Lots of swimming with daddy.

My loves.

The boatyard, right at Bridgetown.

Another boat trip was on the Jolly Roger pirate boat.

Ahoy! This lovely pirate had the best day. 

She had the best time, even when she fell into the sand face first! 

Loving life and how we love her for it. 
Both of them are very at home in the water.

Another from the Boat Yard.

You've got to take a ride on a 'Boom boom' bus!

Bajan green monkies are just free to roam.

They like bananas!

The Christmas tree @ Sandy Lane.

Trying to feel festive in the heat!

Views and food at the Cliff are amazing.

This was our view most days.

Not bad!

We'll be back!


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