Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Nine months in - Nine months out - life update

I can hardly believe I am typing this, but our baby girl is now NINE months old!

So what have we been up to the past nine months? Well I could sum it up in one word ‘survival’ but as our baby girl will very likely be our last baby, I’ve really tried to enjoy and soak up all the milestones and memories along the way as they are flying by at lightning speed this time.

Back when we lived in England I returned to work full-time when my eldest was nine months old. At the time I felt ready to return, but it didn’t take me long (perhaps an hour or so) to wish I was back home with him. So believe me I know that I am the luckiest mama in the world as I’m still able to stay home with my baby a little longer.

Right now she is crawling all over the place and she is desperate to stand up, I think she will probably run before she walks! She really is a good little baby and she’s always so happy, especially when she sees her big brother or daddy.  We’ve recently introduced solid foods with a mix of spoon feeding and baby led weaning, so far she likes everything but I doubt that will last once she devops a taste for her favourites!

My big boy is now halfway through kindergarten. His reading and writing skills are really coming along, as is his american accent! He really enjoys his time there and has made some lovely little friends who all live nearby. It’s so sweet watching him interact with his friends as we walk behind them on the school run, they usually talk about their toys - seriously! 

My husband has been working hard in his job as a digital designer and web developer, he really is amazing at what he does and we are so proud of him. 

As for me I’ve got such a small village out here in New York and my husband works long hours during the week, sometimes it feels like I’m pretty much doing the whole parenting thang by myself.

My brain is a congealed mush of feeding schedules, sleep training, school runs, pediatrician appointments, washing, cleaning all on repeat 24/7. I’m sure many mamas can relate to the never ending list of things to do and things for myself such as write blog posts are always at the bottom of that list.

The baby is nine months old now, I’ve started wearing make-up again and washing my hair more than once a week. It is time to write and explore the city once more. It might take me a little while to find my feet as I am rusty after all, so please forgive me as I figure things out. If there is anything you would like to see me write about on the blog please let me know!


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