Thursday, August 9, 2018

Back to School - MomTrends event

If you are anything like me, you've been too busy enjoying the sunshine to realise that its almost time for the kids to go back to school! My oldest is six years old now and will be starting first grade in just a few weeks time. Luckily for me I was invited to attend the MomTrends Back to School event where they showcased all the latest must-haves from some of the best brands to help moms get their kids ready for class. 

Mabels Labels

So rule one for sending your kids to school has to be label everything! Kids have an amazing ability to forget what colour coat they were wearing or what the bag they were holding looked like. Don't even get me started on if two kids have the same thing (yours always comes home with the old worn out one and the other kids goes home with the sparkly new one you sent in right?!) Solve all these problems with labels.  Mabels Labels are really fun so kids will love them and mamas they are also waterproof, dishwasher proof and microwave proof so you can stick them on clothes, lunchboxes and everything in between. 


I was such a dork at school. I loved organising and colour coordinating my work more than the actual work its self! These days smart mamas can help their kids get organised with super cute and playful school gear from  Avey. They have dividers,  binders and more. 


Its the night before your kids homework is due (yes I'm that mama) and you go to print off the photo journal you've been keeping for the class flea ball, I mean beloved fluffy teddy and guess what? You've of course ran out of printer ink! Well thanks to the  EcoTank from Epson you can easily refill your printer tanks at home so you never have to run out of ink at the worst times. Awesome!


I've been a fan of  Stonyfield snacks for the kids for a long time and at the back to school event we got the chance to preview some new snack packs. My son is going to be taking a packed lunch this year and how handy are these yogurt and graham cracker combos to pop in the lunch box? Yum!

Tea Collection 

Tea Collection have everything kids need for back to school clothing, along with some adorable baby clothes pictured! I've already been online to order my older kid some funky shorts and a cool t-shirt for his first day back. All their clothing is truly beautiful. 


Summer may be officially over when the kids go back to school, but there will still be some September sun to enjoy. What better way to protect kids from the sun in this cute and playful   Snapperrock UPF50+ swimwear? 

Stars of the Show

Finally the highlight of the event was when the kids modelled some of the collections for us. They all did an absolutely amazing job! 

Thank you MomTrends for inviting me to your Back to School Bash. All opinions here are my own.

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